…écrire, quelle absurdité,

écrire est la décheance du vouloir,

comme la perte du pouvoir,

Maurice Blanchot, l’Écriture du désastre

Still again we insist to write

even without desire like a duty –

honor on social networks

that they let us go out of caves

to introduce us to live in other captive

but We must be hostile to writing

not trust any friends or editor

not to confide no secret letters

or the different machine codes

not be impulsive in voice

as in pleasure to throw himself

body and soul to light pointless

globalization of blogs circus and/or

carnie par excellence like Flatlanders:

famous city of Edwin Abbott Abbott.

Admit to not having followers

enough to appear in advertisements

or in the synthesis of a bar code

as well as devoid of a certain dimension.

Last row repeat touching with the

forefinger a temple or forehead.




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