I like the rain

I like the rain
which hides and reveals
as another skin
another god.

But what’s this rain
looking for
in the garden?

I am like
this rain dog
that takes away
every breath of the page.

in the rain
I am searching for
my self: in the
boby word.

Maybe that’s why
I started
to write
in this language

dog searching
maybe god
if god is a dog
to which only missing

the word
but not the nose.
Yet I don’t want
to write.

I’m not looking for God
I’m not looking for love
because if God exists
if there is love

there would be no need
to write poems.
If I write it by inertia.
it must be so
the unconscious order.
the parental infusion
with the world.

What I’m not looking for
the independence
by mankind
from myself.



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