Sexual conquests

Sexual conquests occur spontaneously,
They are not loaded by force.

Notes of A Dirty Old Man
“Candid Press”, December 6th, 1970
Charles Bukowski


I’ll try to be brief because
I will not write the usual
poems fucking to Bukowski

I was drunk, it’s sure, even before dinner
I do not know maybe a concern
or to a certain childish shyness
most of my breath faithful
I had made a few glasses
in the expectation that the woman was
appointment to dine
and the great thing is, I repeat, is that
I was drunk she was sincere
the fact is that I could not understand
how could it be possible that a woman
so beautiful as she could accept
a dinner invitation from someone like me
about the suburban so to speak

that like Kafka said to Milena: if you were
stoop to me I think you should perhaps
tear, fall, disappear,
and in fact …

why are you here to dinner with me I said:
I do not think I’m above to your level!
but you are a man, she said, and I like
cock very much!

I try baby, I said, though I like you,
fuck! very much
because like that guy said
to hospital similia similibus curantur
(or was it the opposite?)
but fuck off go
but How can a woman (woman?) of her stature
expresses words like that?
and ran away as anyone else would run
from a room before the explosion
a shit process from pigs
I wanted to throw myself out the window
put an end forever
as a species that deserves extinction
so I think that created life on earth
by virtue of every regressive emancipation
and this is the result:

not for me the meat so easy
who always hides a hook I “love” you
Now I’m home and I’m writing
oh God I went to dinner with a monster
or perhaps, more simply, with a whore
and I’m jerking off like a monkey
but begob! I could at least getting a blowjob
begob! fucking! What a prick!






















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